What to expect

Learn how to draw an aquatic animal using the freshest paints!

My live workshops has a run time of 1-1.5 hours and can be done virtually or in-person. All the ingredients I use are easily available from your local market and kitchen pantry. Suitable for Adults and Children age 5 and up.

No art experience required.

Need convincing? Check out this animation of the step-by-step guide I use to help you draw an octopus

Animation by Serene Lau

Prioritising sustainability

These workshops are unique as everything produced is compostable, packaging free and safe for your plants to drink. If you would like to know more about the impacts of modern paints, check out this article that Fam Charko, Senior Marine Biologist of the Port Phillip Ecocentre has written about them.

What to expect

Yours Truly talking about paint. Photo credit Deb Punton 2022

What is Paint?

Learn what paint is, the history of paint and how our modern paints are impacting our waterways

Taken at Diamond Creek Platypus Festival by Deb Punton 2022

Let’s Make Paint!

Make paints from everyday ingredients and see how basic chemistry can change colours.

My octopus mascot animated by me.

Draw and Paint an aquatic creature

Using maths and basic shapes, find yourself drawing an realistic aquatic creature then paint it with our fish-safe paints!

Attend a workshop

“I love the way you explained how pigments are used by different cultures throughout the class”


The Sustainability Festival was really fun! We got to present twice, run our own activities and participate in many others. The best thing we did was definitely the Fish Friendly Painting. We got to paint a Rakali (a rat-like Rodent). All the paints were made from food (turmeric, eggs, baking powder and cocoa powder). It all got really messy. –

 Gabrielle (Student of Joan of Arc)

Presented in :

I’m in with all my 8 tentacles

Photo Credit Maria Yebra at Laneway Learning 2022


I love to have you present this at my school/festival/community/company! Are you available for that?

Yes! Just send me an email and I’ll send you a quote to suit your needs.

I’m a teacher and I would love to use workshop this in my classes. Can I license this from you?

Yes! Just send me an email with an animal you would like to present and I’ll send you a quote to suit your needs.