Hello Tomato

Melbourne Based Muralist and Ceramicist , Sasha Heath used the Octopus Ink 3 colour Fish Safe Paints palette to make a painting of a duck! Check out her work at www.hellotomato.com.au.

What did you enjoy the most about working with Fish-safe paints?

I love knowing exactly where these paints come from and what is in them unlike other brands where you have little to no idea. They were very smooth and easy to use much like painting with watercolours. I only used a three paint colour pallette but I enjoyed how effortlessly it was to blend and control the vibrancy of the colours by using more or less water on your brush. After finishing the painting I left it in a sunny spot completely by accident and the colours actually changed from an orange tone to more of a pink tone. I’m keen to see how different they become with more sun exposure so this is something that I’d love to experiment with! Also, as a side note; my cat walked over and put one of his paws straight into the paint but unlike other paints I didn’t have to worry about him ingesting plastic or toxins and he seemed to like the taste – although probably not best advised!

How do you think clients would react to sustainable but ephemeral art?

It’s the way we should be going with our paint choices to be honest. The more we can stop using plastics in our paints the better our planet will be. This problem is something we should all be made aware of and look at options just like Fish-safe paints moving forward. The application was no different from using watercolours and was very easy to apply and become familiar using. It’s a known fact that all paintings dull over time, it’s a completely natural occurrence so I think it should be something that’s celebrated as this makes each artwork as unique as the person who painted it!

This collaboration was made possible by Regional Arts Victoria’s Sustaining Creative Workers fund.