Serenekitchen | Sustainable Visual Artist

Hi, I’m Serene Lau,
a Visual Artist
who loves sustainability, connectivity and drawing.

What is it that I do?

I do Illustrations, Animations and Community Art. I currently have 3 projects that I’m actively presenting at festivals, organisations and communities:

Earth Children

A sustainable art project that explores indoor play taboos using an ancient building material.

Photography by Theresa Harrison

Fish-Safe Paints

A sustainable art project that explores what paint is, it’s environmental impact whilst making the freshest paints!

Photography by Serene Lau

The Port Phillip Dragon

An interactive art installation that explores homelessness in the City of Port Phillip through a Dragon called Phillip.

Image by Serene Lau

Featured Collaboration

Check out what hellotomato did with my Fish Safe Paints! Read more…

Featured Commission

Animation by Serene Lau. Copyright of ASEAN Japan Centre

I had the pleasure of creating an original animation for @aseanjapancentre  featuring how the daily activities of a Japanese high schooler is deeply entwined with the ASEAN countries! It was such a fun and fulfilling project in which I’ve learnt a great deal about everyday nuances. Thank you Tomo for this opportunity.

Fish Safe Paints Workshop

Animation by serenekitchen 2021

Want to make the freshest paints? Join me for a workshop in-person or online.

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