Creature Creature

Melbourne Based Artist Duo, Chanel and Ambrose of Creature Creature were given a 5 colour Fish Safe Paints palette. Check out their work at This was what they created:

What did you enjoy the most about working with Fish-safe paints?

The fish safe paint were pleasant to use, we were surprised at the amount of vibrancy they could achieve and how such a small palette could stretch so far. We liked the way they were very gentle on our brushes, as we usually use acrylic paint which you have to worry about paint drying up and destroying the brush hairs. These paints in comparison were easier to control while painting and easy to clean up afterwards.We also enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that only natural substances were being washed down the drain while washing up after painting and that the product we are using is zero waste. The colours were interesting because they would change slightly as you use them. They would look different in different stages, from first application, to touch dry and then the next day. And we expect the colours to change more over time. We like the fact that our artwork is ever-evolving. 

How do you think clients would react to sustainable but ephemeral art?

Most of the time, people collect our work and want it to be archival and trust us to use high quality products, as they would have paid a lot of money for the artwork. But we think there is also an appetite for products and artworks with interesting stories behind them that make them unique. We think a lot of our clients care about sustainability and would be interested in fish safe paints. It is very different for our work to use water colour type paints as our style is very flat with high pigment, opaque colours. So using these paints was a departure from our usual style we are known for. The paints are more ‘earthier’ and ‘muddy’ than we are used to, which is great if you can use traits in your aesthetic or concepts.

This collaboration was made possible by Regional Arts Victoria’s Sustaining Creative Workers fund.