Serene Lau

Fun in Sustainability

I’m Serene (Kiat Chen) Lau a Chinese Malaysian Artist that was raised in Brunei Darussalam and I work under the artist pseudonym of @serenekitchen. I did my Bachelor of Creative Arts at the University of Melbourne and have been working as an Artist in Melbourne, Australia since 2012.

I’ve done solo and group exhibitions, artist incursions at primary schools, artist residencies at community centres and designed public outcome events for communities.

My creative practice encompasses three categories in the Visual arts realm and they are community arts, sequential art and fine art illustrations.

Community art is currently the practice I spend the most effort in as I find it purposeful with its ability to be a platform to discuss tough issues, eye opening with its interactions with the audience and dynamic because of the variety in the final outcome. There’s always room to explore different mediums and ways to be sustainable.

Sequential art I do helps me practice my storytelling skills which are transferable when conducting workshops or to engage the audience and space to be creative with my illustrations. The content I use in this art form are slices of my personal life with a comedic twist. I’ve recently been using 2d animation to further my storytelling.

Finally, my fine art illustrations I do usually explores the feminine form with nature in urban areas and how humanity has changed the landscape. These are done with colour pencil and watercolour on paper. I’m expanding this practise with DIY paints from foodwaste.

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